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This Week's Flying Get

Square Enix's new SaGa game revealed. The latest magazine leaks, updated throughout the day.


Welcome to this week's Flying Get. Every Wednesday, information leaks out from game magazines in advance of their Thursday or Friday street dates, a process that the Japanese call "flying get." We gather all the information in this one location for your convenience.

In most cases, we've yet to see the magazines for ourselves, so treat the information as rumor or possibly inaccurate until you've read it elsewhere on the site.

Check back throughout the day for updates!

Tokyo Jungle is Made By Crispy's (added 13:50)

In case you were wondering who's developing Tokyo Jungle, the answer appears to be a studio called "Crispy's." According to the Crispy's official site, the studio previously worked on MyStylist for Sony. It seems to be a small studio, as the site's corporate summary section says that it has just five employees. This was as of April 2008, though.

White Knight PSP is a Prequel (added 13:50)

Some preliminary details have emerged on White Knight Chronicles episode:portable Dogma Wars, the new PSP entry in the White Knight series.

The game will be a prologue to the PS3 games, set 10,000 years prior to the time when Leonard and crew fought. As the name suggests, the setting is the time of the Dogma Wars, and it looks like those giant knights will serve as an enemy.

Famitsu's preview this week offers a look exclusively at events, introducing such characters and Anvietta, Caicius, Eldas and Yumando. There's no battle info in the magazine, it seems.

Development is currently 50% complete with a release planned for 2011. As with the late June reveal, the magazine's info box lists SCE as producer with Level-5 credited for the original idea. This seems to mean that Level-5 is not actually developing the game.

Tales of Graces F Gets a Demo (added 13:40)

I have a feeling Tales of Graces F will be playable at TGS (just a feeling though -- Namco Bandai hasn't announced its lineup yet). But in case you can't make it out to Makuhari, Jump confirms this week that there will be a downloadable demo coming to PSN. The demo will hit in late September.

Sophie's pigtails grew extra long with this news.

The Animals of Tokyo Jungle (added 11:14)

Sony is packing Tokyo Jungle with playable animals of all sizes. Famitsu shows hippos, tigers, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, foxes, beagles, cheetahs, chimpanzees, ostriches, bunnies, chickens and even tiny chicks.

Yes, it is possible to have a chicken face off against a tiger. Smaller animals will fight in groups, and you can win fights against larger creatures by just having one member of your group survive the fight.

It looks like you're going to have to build up your own pack of animals. This is easier for some plant eaters, which means you may not necessarily be at a disadvantage if you select a weaker type.

Famitsu says to expect 50 breeds and 80 types (I'm not sure what a "type" is). As you play through the game, you'll unlock additional playable animals.

I haven't see the full Famitsu article, so I'm not sure about how the game's progression is set up. I'm assuming there's more to the experience than just animal fights.

Disaster Report 4 Has Move and 3D Support (added 11:13)

Disaster Report 4 has toilets, which you have to use periodically or your stress will rise, 3D support, Move support and 5.1ch sound. These four features must be used together, Irem. They just must!

Lots of additional details on the game here.

Monster Hunter Playable at TGS (added 10:33)

Famitsu confirms Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as playable in Capcom's booth at the Tokyo Game Show.

Outside of this and the 12/1 date, Famitsu also introduces a new rabbit-like monster which is apparently capable of gliding across ice. The creature's name is "白兎獣ウルクスス" ... maybe "White Rabbit Beast Urukususu."

Lions Storm Tokyo in Sony's New Tokyo Jungle (added 9:57)

Sony has just unveiled the game that Afrika should have been. Titled Tokyo Jungle, this new PlayStation 3 title depicts a fight against lions and other wild animals on the streets of Tokyo.

The ones doing the fighting aren't humans, though. As the story goes, in the year 20XX man has disappeared from the Earth. Animals fight for survival in a ruined Tokyo setting.

You take control of a jungle creature and fight for survival against other creatures. Animal types include lions, crocodiles, foxes and hippos.

Famitsu refers to the game as "a true hunting game" and lists the genre as "hunting action." That's the genre for something like Monster Hunter, but the magazine notes that this time its the wild animals doing the hunting.

Tokyo Jungle will offer both Story and Survival Mode. In the game's story mode, you'll work through missions centered around the various animals. Eventually, you'll discover the truth behind mankind's disappearance. In Survival Mode, you select a single animal and attempt to survive as long as possible.

Don't laugh too hard at the premise. Tokyo Jungle is the latest title to emerge from Sony's PlayStation C.A.M.P amateur development program, which has a reputation for making the bizarre wonderful.

A release is set for Winter. Famitsu's information box lists PlayStation Network support, although it's unclear at present if this is for multiplayer play.

Tokyo Jungle should be a bit more exciting than Afrika.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Arrives Dec 1 (added 9:26)

Famitsu promised a big feature on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd this week. One of the big reveals from that feature appears to be a release date.

The successor to the PSP's number one selling game of all time will arrive on December 1.

This is over a month after Lord of Arcana and God Eater Burst. Sega hasn't dated Phantasy Star 2 Infinity aside from a general Winter time frame.

I'm bringing up all these games because they're all considered Monster Hunter clones in that they focus on four player multiplayer play and quests. Famitsu said that it would have a feature covering these three as well this week, so we'll hopefully get additional details on MHP 3rd's competitors too.

We've been staring at these same darn MHP3rd screens for months now. With a release date finalized, Capcom will hopefully be sharing more media soon.

White Knight PSP Followup Coming Today (added 9:23)

Just before White Knight Chronicles 2 saw release a couple of months back, Famitsu featured a one page teaser for a new PSP entry in the series. It looks like the magazine has a followup this week.

The game is titled "White Knight Chronicles: episode.portable Dogma Wars." At present, no details outside of the name have leaked out.

You can read what little was announced about the game back in June here

From White Knight Chronicles 2. We'll hopefully get a look at the PSP entry shortly.

New Disaster Report for PS3 (added 9:15)

Word first broke yesterday about a new Disaster report. It looks like that new game is for PS3.

In Japanese, Disaster report is known as "Zettai Zetsumei Toshi." The new entry is named Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 Summer Memories.

That's alls I've heard at the moment...

Disaster Report 3 was a PSP title. What will Irem be able to pull off on PS3?

Final Fantasy Legend III Remake for DS (added 9:14)

Square Enix opened up its new SaGa portal last week with a tease for a new entry in the long running RPG series. The identity of the new game has leaked out in advance via Famitsu.

The new game is a DS remake of Game Boy's SaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha. The original was released domestically 1991 followed by an overseas release under the name Final Fantasy Legends III two years later.

The DS remake is titled SaGa 3 Jikuu no Hasha: Shadow or Light. Players can look forward to updated visuals and new gameplay systems.

From the DS remake of SaGa 2.

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