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Kojima Tweets About Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Support

Producer wanted to make "complete version" with Trophy and 3D support, but does not have time.


Hideo Kojima's dinner:

Hideo Kojima's desert:

Hideo Kojima's PS3 game:

It seems that gamers have been pestering Kojima about one of these.

If it were me, I'd have asked what in the world that desert is supposed to be. Is that a green yolk? Has Japan been feeding its chickens spinach again against all warnings from the WTO and FCC?

But Kojima's followers seem to have that PS3 game on their mind. One follower, "denden_k," asked Kojima if he'd be making a "Metal Gear Solid 4 Complete Version."

Replied Kojima earlier today: "I wanted to make a 'Complete Version' with trophy support and 3D, but if I did that I wouldn't be able to work on a new game. I wonder if someone else would make it for me."

A "complete version" would also need to have Move support, Kojima.

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