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Taito Shares Amusement Machine Show Lineup

Wide screen Darius joined by two No Kou series sequels.


Taito recently shared details about its lineup of games for the upcoming Amusement Machine Show.

The company's plans this year include the following three games:

Darius Burst Another Chronicle

A super wide screen shooter that has already appeared on location test. Official Site.

Music Gun Gun! 2

A sequel to one of the earlier No Kou series games. This will feature over 100 songs, including newly created music from a lineup of musicians that includes Final Fantasy XIII composer Masashi Hamauzu. Official Site

Chou Chabu Daikaeshi! Sono 2

Taito's No Kou series stress relieving game that has you use a table as a controller gets a sequel with three new stages and a tournament mode. Official site.

Taito also promises additional titles for the show. Visit the company's official AM Show page for further details.

This year's Amusement Machine Show will be held from September 9 through September 11 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The first two days are exclusively for press and business partners. The 11th opens up for all.

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