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Ni no Kuni: The Commercial

Level-5 begins promoting its long awaited Studio Ghibli tie-up RPG.

From a dream staff...

Level-5's Studio Ghibli tie-up Ni no Kuni hits the DS on December 9. That's over three months away, but Level-5 has already started up the promotions.

Two commercials were recently posted at YouTube. View them here:

The first spot says: "This winter's ultimate fantasy, from a dream staff."

The second one says: "The game you're all looking forward to, Ni no Kuni, is the first game to come with a book of magic. We've been receiving a rush of inquiries, so you should quickly pre-order."

Ni no Kuni will be the focus of Level-5's Tokyo Game Show booth, which is being designed in the image of a castle from the game. Both the DS and PS3 version will be playable, but the PS3 version is not due for release until next year.

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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