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Shining Hearts Has Witches, Cats, Elves and More Moe

The latest gameplay and character details on Sega's delayed Shining game.


A few weeks back, Sega unveiled Shining Hearts' MOE system. Short for "Mind Over Emotion," MOE is a conversation system not unlike the Sakura Wars LIPS system. Your responses to questions during dialogue earn you hearts whose color indicates how your conversation partner feels about you.

You can read all the specifics here.

It turns out that there's more than one MOE system in the game. As reported at Famitsu.com and the print Famitsu last week, Shining Hearts also has the "Battle MOE" system.

Battle MOE is a group attack system. Every now and then, you'll be given the chance of pairing up with one of your battle members for a group attack. Depending on your selection, you'll get a different move. Some group attacks result in heal spells, some in group attacks, and so-forth.

Here's why this system is MOE. The character you select to perform the team attack will be more pleased with you and will release Red Hearts, indicating happiness. The characters who don't pick will be angry and will release Blue Hearts, indicating sadness (not Black Hearts which indicate hatred, though).

In the above images the witch Melty is pleased with your selection. Look how happy she is!

Melty is actually a newly announced character this week. She's joined by Alvin and Shiomei. Shiomei has a tail.

Melty, to the left, is a "tsundare" witch who loves ice magic. She resides in a mansion separate from the village, and because she's not too fond of people and hates the sun, she avoids going out. The little dude at her leg is a familiar spirit named Solvei.

You'll end up in the company of Melty as you search for ingredients for creating "extreme ice cream." In battle, all her special attacks are ice cream based. She can also make little Solvei absorb her damage.

Alvin is in the middle. She's an elf from the forest of elves, and she has great pride. She has the ability to control spirits, including the powerful wind spirit Princess Kefia shown in the image.

Your first encounter with Alvin comes after she hears voices of the the spirits warning of an approaching change in the world. She'll head off on an investigation with you. In battle, she makes use of bows and arrows and magic. She's meant to support you from the back line.

Finally, Shiomei, a fickle black cat pirate. She's a beast person, so I think that makes the tail real. Shiomei normally runs an antique shop, but she's also a thief who refers to herself as "Black Tail."

In battle, Shiomei uses her great speed for close range attacks, referred to as "Assassin Cat Kenpo." She also has skills for stealing items from enemies, and heal magic.

As announced last week, Sega delayed Shining Hearts last week to December 16, officially because they need time to improve the quality [spoiler]but most likely because it was originally scheduled to be released opposite Monster Hunter Portable 3rd[/spoiler].

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