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Dangan-Ronpa's Mono Bear to be Voiced by Doraemon

Spike reveals the big voice actor surprise for its high speed action detective game.


Spike has kept the voice actor for Dangan-Ronpa's Mono Bear under wraps since the game's unveiling, listing a "???" at the official site. Late last week, the company shared the big surprise.

To the left, Mono Bear, officially "Mono Kuma" in Japanese (I refer to him as "Mono Bear" because Spike's English press release listed him as such.) In the middle, Doraemon.

To the right, Nobuyo Oyama, a veteran voice talent who's known primarily as the voice of Doraemon. She'll also be voicing Mono Bear.

Oyama's Wikipedia entry only lists Doraemon games under her game voice roles, so this may be her first non-Doraemon game.

Spike sent out a pic of Oyama during the Mono Bear voice recording.

Oyama's new character is just a bit more... evil... than Doraemon. In Dangan-Ronpa, Mono Bear claims to be the principal at your new school. When you and your fellow students arrive on your first day, you find yourself trapped within the school grounds, and Mono Bear tells you that the only way you can escape is by murdering your fellow students.

Mono Bear may look menacing, but he's actually really tiny.

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