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Final Fantasy Legends Job System Detailed

Square Enix shares some gameplay details as new mobile Final Fantasy sees release.


Final Fantasy Legends arrived today right on schedule. iMode users with the right equipment can download the game's free prologue now.

Coinciding with the release, Square Enix updated the official site with gameplay details.

Like the rest of the game, the gameplay in Legends is being purposely kept simple and retro. At the center of the game's battle system is that classic of all Final Fantasy systems, the Job Change System.

The Job Change System lets you change your character's job while still retaining skills that you've acquired. As you fight, you gain AP (Ability Points). Cross a certain amount of AP, and your current job will learn a job-specific ability. That learned ability can be set even if you change your character to a different job.

You're limited in how many abilities you can set at a given time. This limit rises as the job's level rises.

The game also has "Fusion Abilities," which you form by setting combinations of certain abilities. Square Enix suggests trying out a number of combinations to get new abilities.

Jobs mentioned at the official site include warrior, monk, thief, black mage, white mage, summoner and red mage. Your character can also be jobless. When in this state, You're able to equip all weapons and armor.

As previously detailed, Square Enix is taking a Final Fantasy IV: The After approach to the release of Legends. The game's prologue is free, but subsequent chapters will cost between ¥315 and ¥525. Each chapter puts the focus on a single job. Clear the chapter, and you'll gain access to the job.

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