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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Ties Up with Calorie Mate

Sega wastes no time in starting with the collaborations.


Sega sold Phantasy Star Portable 2's soul to pretty much everything, resulting in tie-ups with models, anime, beverages, and Pizza Hut. Oh, Pizza Hut tie-up, how will we ever forget thee? It's not every day that you use a pizza box as a shield or shop at an in-game item shop that sells Cheese & Cheese Pizza, after all.

For the just-announced Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, Sega is wasting no time in getting the promotions started. The company announced today that the upcoming sequel will have a tie-up with Calorie Mate.

Yes, the same Calorie Mate that was promoted by Jack Bauer and Solid Snake is now going to promoted by these guys:

(Those are newcomer characters for Infinity. See this story for details.)

As part of the collaboration, your character in Phantasy Star Portable 2 will be able to pick up in-game Calorie Mate items. Sega didn't say what the items do, but I'm going to guess they'll heal you. Or maybe they'll shave some weight off your avatar -- Infinity is said to have greater customization options over its predecessor.

Here's a large version of the in-game Calorie Mate item. Sega didn't share any actual shots showing the item in in-game environments.

Calorie Mate will also feature as part of original in-game "Collaboration Missions." Sega is also planning a variety of real-world tie-up projects leading up to the game's winter release.

The first of those projects will be at next week's Tokyo Game Show. Sega's Infinity booth will have a "big banner" in the image of Calorie Mate. Additionally, those who sample the game will get an original strap featuring two chimes: a Calorie Mate box and a Monomate (that's the name for one of the game's in-game boxes -- yes, the "mate" part seems to be why this collaboration exists).

Last year, Sega teamed up Phantasy Star Portable 2 with Fanta beverages. Get it -- "Fanta," "Phantasy"? That resulted in a booth that looked like this:

Expect this year's booth to be a bit yellower.

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