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Tactics Ogre PSP Has More Text than Final Fantasy XII

Matsuno discusses text creation for PSP remake of Super NES classic.


What happens when Tactics Ogre director, scenario writer and designer Yasumi Matsuno gets in the mood to write? This:

That's what Matsuno's Twitter looked like yesterday as he decided to write a full essay using the micro blogging format. He got around the whole 140 character limit thing by just continuing on to the next Tweet... over and over again.

At the end, he apologized about the length. But I don't think he's actually sorry, as he does this very often (just scroll down his Twitter and look for the "続" (continued) character starting off a Tweet).

In this latest rant, Matsuno discussed the amount of text in the PSP remake/rebuild of Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together. The original Super Famicom game had about 300,000 characters of text. The remake jumps to beyond 700,000. Believe it or not (and you better believe it because Matsuno would know!), this is more than even Final Fantasy XII, which had 600,000 characters.

Back at the time of the Super Famicom original 15 years back, Matsuno explained, he was able to create all the text and data pretty much on his own. For the PSP version, even for just the planning part of the game, they have a large number of staffers. This includes Kazuhiro Kataoka (Ogre 64, FFXII, Last Remnant), Yuichi Murasawa (Tactics Ogre Gaiden, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 1&2, FFXII), Kyoko Kitahara (TO Gaiden, FFTA 1&2, and FFXII), Motoharu Tanaka (Parasite Eve, FFIX, FFXII, FFTA2), Tsuyoshi Tomooka (Last Remnant) and others.

As an example, while Matsuno himself is rewriting the existing scenarios, for the new character episodes and other such parts, he'll write the plot and leave the actual dialogue and structure to Kitahara. Some areas, like revisions and additions for the help text and the Warren Report text, are being left to other staffers. Matsuno oversees the whole effort and will also do some rewrites. He believes that the player will not be able to figure out who wrote what.

In other words, Matsuno isn't writing all the new Tactics Ogre text for himself.

Although, based off the length of his Tweets, I bet he could!

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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