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Sample Square Enix's Battle Tracks

Official site for battle-themed soundtrack updated with samples of all songs.


When Square Enix opened the official site for its upcoming Battle Tracks compilation CDs last week, it had just one song looping in the background. A charming theme to be sure, but potential buyers (or fans of game music in general) presumably wanted a bit of variety.

That came today as the site was updated with samples of all tracks. And not just for the new Vol.2 and Vol.3 CDs, but for the original 2007 Vol.1 CD as well! This means you'll get to hear Square Enix battle music spanning 1987 through 2000.

Visit the official site to hear the little bits of classic gaming music for yourself.

The Battle Tracks CDs include "battle music" from classic Square Enix titles. There's a quote around "battle music" because in addition to the RPGs, Square Enix has included games like Einhander and Tobal. The first volume was released in May 2007. Last week, Square Enix announced a revival with two additional volumes which are due on the 15th.

Vol.2 and Vol.3, both due out on September 15.

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