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Super Mario Collection Confirmed a Port

Amazon listing says upcoming Wii title is port of Super Famicom games.


Amazon has started taking pre-orders for Super Mario Collection Special Pack. If you feel the need to pre-order a game that you can probably pick up on day one without problem, by all means do so.

The big news from the listing is the product description, which appears to have been removed from the listing but was already cut and past into a story at the reliable Game Jouhou.

According to the description, Collection is a port of 1993's Super Mario Collection, known overseas as Super Mario All-Stars. In case you were hoping for a New Super Mario Bros. Wii graphics overhaul (and for ¥2,500, you really shouldn't have been), you can probably stop hoping for that right now.

Amazon also confirms that the game will include a booklet recapping 25 years of Mario history with previously unseen development materials and a soundtrack with music from the original Super Mario Bros. through Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Collection Special Pack is being released to commemorate Super Mario's 25th anniversary and will be a limited time production, Amazon says. Hmm... maybe it would be a good idea to pre-order this one.

A bunch of listings for Collection have popped up at retailers and then disappeared today, so it's possible that Nintendo is asking retailers to hold off on the listings until the product has been officially announced. However one retailer did manage to post a tiny promotional image:

The yellow box is the box for the original Collection. Will Nintendo be resurrecting the color scheme for the Wii? If so, maybe we'll get a fully yellow box, similar to the red that was used for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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