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3rd Birthday: Aya "Costume" Info Coming Next Week

Teases from the game's official Twitter.


The weekend saw no Twitter updates from The 3rd Birthday team. But the game's promotional staff picked things up in a late night Tweet today promising new information regarding "Aya's costumes" in next week's issue of Weekly Shounen Jump.

What are these "costumes" they speak of? Jump usually leaks out a week in advance, so we may get some early details later this week.

In other 3rd Birthday Twitter news, late last week, director Hajime Tabata provided a cell phone photo showing Aya in street clothes:

This is the second time we've seen that outfit. Early last month, the staff shared a pic of Aya walking around on a rooftop in that clothing.

Along with this new image, Tabata said that there's a "hint" about what's going on the screen in a Famitsu.com GamesCom interview with Yoshinori Kitase. I summarized that interview here. Looking through that summary, I think the "hint" Tabata mentions is in there... can you see it?

Tabata also provided a followup on his discussion of an installation for the game. He said to expect around 500MB or so for the install. This is just a general idea, though, as the game's data amount has yet to be finalized.

Tabata's Tweets about data install might have made it seem like the game has loading issues unless you install. This isn't the case, Tabata assured. He said that if you first play the game straight off UMD, you'll be surprised with how smooth it runs. At the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix will be showing the game running off UMD without data install.

The reason Tabata began talking about UMDs and data install in this first place is because the staff took first shipment of a UMD version of the game last week. One of the side effects of this is that he was able to try out the game on his Toshiba REGZA TV for the first time. He's not sure if it's because of the TV's upscaling technology, but the image quality was strong and did not give the feeling of being upscaled. He was left with the impression that game looks better than a PS2 game. The above image of Aya in her street clothes is, incidentally, not from Tabata's REGZA.

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