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Hellooooooooooo Chun-Li!

Capcom has some attractive items up for sale at TGS.


Capcom updated its Tokyo Game Show goods list today, and you're looking at the best item of the bunch. That Chun-Li appears as artwork in the Capcom Girl's Calendar 2011 calendar. We've previously covered it on this site, but never with a look on the inside.

Here's a list of items Capcom announced today for its sales booth at TGS:

  • Monster Hunter Club Jacket (¥5,880)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd T-Shirts (¥2,993)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Post Card Set (¥525)
  • MHP3rd Yukumo Village Manju (¥630)
  • Jin Ouga Kaminari Okoshi (¥525)
  • MH Furi Furi Mascot Keys (¥800)
  • Monster Hunter 2D Stuffed Animals (OMG!!! ¥1,890)
  • Monster Hunter Diary Clear Files (¥630)
  • Monster Hunter Calendar 2011 (¥2,100)
  • Resident Evil Archives 2 (¥2,940)
  • Okami book (¥1,365)
  • Sengoku Basara 3 guides and books (¥1,575)
  • Capcom Girl's Calendar 2011 (¥2,100)

These items are in addition to the items that were announced last week. Expect to spend a lot of time in the shopping area.

Visit Capcom's Tokyo Game Show special site for further details.

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