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Tales of Graces F: Accelerate Mode Detailed

Plus, a first look at new dungeons super attacks.


Namco Bandai's announcement a couple of days back of a release date for Tales of Graces F came as somewhat of a surprise, as we still hadn't heard much about the game following its initial unveiling. But more details are on the way, it seems. Famitsu.com delivered its usual early notice today.

The site details one new feature we've been hearing about for some time without much explanation: "Acccel Mode." This is short for "Accelerate Mode." During battle, you can do certain things to make your characters enter into this mode, where they'll perform character-specific actions. Through this system, the game can more clearly define its characters.

Also in the Famitsu.com story is a first look at a couple of new areas you'll encounter in the newly added epilogue chapter. One area looks like a morgue. The other area is a forest dungeon where the ground is covered in flowers. In these new areas, you can expect to encounter new monsters that did not appear in the Wii version.

Be sure and check out the Famitsu.com preview for additional screenshots, including three new "hi-ougi" special attacks.

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