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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Gets a Limited Edition

Bag, headphones, strap and... soap?


Capcom is readying a goods-filled e-Capcom limited edition for what will likely be this year's biggest game, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

The e-Capcom exclusive ¥7,300 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Limited Edition will be available on 12/1, opposite the standard ¥5,800 version. In addition to the standard game, buyers of this version get:

Jinouga 2 Way Shoulder Bag
This bag has an emblem for Jinouga, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's cover monster. It can be used as a shoulder bag or, by pulling out the waist belt from its rear, as a waist and hip bag. It has three pockets.
Jinouga Inner Ear Phones
These ear phones have a 1.2 meter cable. The metallic blue bud pieces show an image of Jinouga.

Capcom is also including a Felyne Daruma Luck Strap as an exclusive bonus for e-Capcom buyers. These straps have a little figure of a Felyne Daruma that appears in your home base of Yukumo Village. There are six types of straps. You'll get one, selected at random.

Monster Hunter Club members can look forward to a special item of their own: Yukumo Soap. This collaborative soap comes from soap and shampoo maker Cow Brand Soap.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story failed to mention that the limited edition is exclusive to e-Capcom.

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