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Hero 30 Second Delayed

PSP followup to miss November launch date. Producer promises demo next month.

Producer promises to use delay time to add extra stuff to the game.

When Marvelous Entertainment first announced Hero 30 Second, they gave it a release date of November 4 right out the gate. No "TBA" or "November TBA" or something vague like that.

They may have spoken too soon. Today, the game's official site was updated with word of a delay. The game is now due for release some time this Winter.

Producer Kenichiro Takagi made a post at the game's development blog explaining the delay. The game is being delayed, he said, to further improve quality. It's not because of an unexpected bug or because they didn't think they'd be able to get it out on time.

Wrote Takagi, "The game is mostly complete. It's already far more interesting than the original. I believe it would be favorably received. We could release it in accordance with the original schedule."

The reason it's not being released according to that schedule is to deliver a game that further delivers for the money gamers pay. "We'll use the extra time to add enjoyable things that we hadn't planned."

Takagi also confirmed that multiple demos will be released for the game, similar to the demo plan for the original Yuusha 30/Half-Minute Hero. The first will arrive next month.

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