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Macross Hybrid Pack Has Sweet Packaging

Namco Bandai celebrates its hybrid release with a package for the collectors. Plus, the latest details on the game component.


If you're a Macross fan, shield your eyes, or this could end up being your obsession for the next few months:

That's the packaging for the upcoming Macross F Hybrid Pack, a Blu-ray release that pairs the Gekijouban Macross F ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ movie with a new PS3 game called Macross Trial Frontier.

This isn't a limited edition -- it's the only edition. Trial Frontier will only be available in this movie bundle, so if you want a PS3 Macross game, you're going to have no choice but to add this beauty to your collection.

The Hybrid Pack serves as the Blu-ray release for Gekijouban Macross F ~Itsuwari no Utahime~, as when you put it in a standard Blu-ray player you only get the video component. Bandai Visual will also be releasing a DVD version of the movie day in (that's October 7) at ¥6,090 -- about ¥1,000 less than the ¥7,140 of the Hybrid Pack.

The above image shows the package sleeve, the Blu-ray case, the hybrid disc, a 48-page booklet that includes artwork and an archive of the theatrical release, and a card with a random collection of frames from the movie. The frame card is included just in the first print run along with a code for entering into a raffle to attend the Macross F Christmas Live event.

As previously detailed, Namco Bandai is putting some bonus footage onto the movie part of the disc. Dengeki has a new look at this area. Content includes "commercials" featuring Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome, and a 30 minute Toro Station episode featuring Macross creator Shoji Kawamori. This episode of Toro Station was originally released on PSN prior to the opening of the Macross F movie.

Dengeki also has a followup report on the Macross Trial Frontier game component of the Hybrid Pack. The report mentions new gameplay features like "anti missile actions" which let you shoot down incoming missiles, and the ability to free your fighter of armor whenever you like.

Also included in the Dengeki report are some stats about the game content:

  • Mission count: 12
  • Craft count: 11
  • Armor count: 4
  • Pilot count: 5
  • Support character count: 10
  • Control types: 2

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