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3D Highlights Amusement Machine Show

Namco Bandai shows off 3D racing and gun shooting. SIE unveils goggle-free 3D board.

The 48th Amusement Machine Show will be held through Saturday at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

3D is the buzzword in the living room right now. The same seems to hold true for arcades well.

At JAMMA's Amusement Machine Show in Chiba today, Namco Bandai and SI Electronics both had 3D gaming product on display.

Namco Bandai had two 3D games on display, both requiring special 3D goggles.

Located in the back of the company's booth was the "3D dead heat race game" Maximum Heat. This racer uses a 32-inch 3D LCD monitor. Players must wear special 3D glasses to get the 3D effect.

Unfortunately, the game does not appear to be ready to go just yet. The cabinets were for only and weren't outputting any actual visuals.

Outside of the 3D, Namco Bandai lists as features four player simultaneous competitive racing, a nitro button, and a camera that allws the player to put themselves in the game.

The "Maxmium Heat" name may make you think of the company's Wangan Midnight series. It actually shares the development staff with that game, including Yuzo Koshiro on music.

Attendees were able to try out the second title, Dead Storm Pirates 3D. This one, presumably a 3D version of current gun shooter Dead Storm Pirates, makes use of special goggles to view 3D gameplay off a large screen. Famitsu.com has a pic of the cabinet.

Separately, SI Electronics was showing its new System Board Y3 board in the Kaga Amusement booth. This board can deliver 3D visuals to general goggle-free 3D displays, and can also be made to toggle the 3D effect on and off.

SIE had the board attached to a general display , outputting 3D visuals as a showcase for attendees. There were no actual games on display, but Famitsu.com reports that SIE has been getting requests from game makers.

SIE shows off its System Y3 board with a goggle-free 3D display.

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