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Catherine: Meet Katherine

An odd twist in the story of Team Persona's first HD game.


Remember that girl from the first Catherine promotional video who seemed to be shouting at main character Vincent? She looks like this, in case you've forgotten:

It turns out that her name is... Katherine. That's just like Catherine, but with a K.

Katherine (with a K) is a 32-year old mid management level employee at an apparel maker. She and Vincent are from the same town and are old childhood friends. She's voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi.

If you suspected that Katherine (with a K -- yes, I'm going to keep writing it like this out of concern for people using reading software) was Vincent's girlfriend given how she seemed to be nagging him just like a girlfriend will often do, you were right. The two had a reencounter five years back during a school reunion, and began seeing one another.

Katherine and Vincent are quite close. So close, in fact, that Katherine knows how many sugar cubes to put into Vincent's coffee (do people still use sugar cubes?).

Screenshots show Katherine and Vincent having a serious conversation at the coffee shop. Katherine indicates that she might be... pregnant!

Here's a screenshot showing how it might have happened:

Even though Vincent has a girlfriend named Katherine, he ends up having a one-night stand with Catherine (with a C), whom he meets out of nowhere one day. Based off the screenshot subtitles, it looks like Catherine (with a C) doesn't know that Vincent has a girlfriend, as she seems to say that she won't allow him to cheat on her.

It's after his night with Catherine (C) that Vincent begins seeing his strange dreams -- you know the ones where he's surrounded by bipedal sheep and is being chased up a flight of stairs by giant hands wielding a fork and knife. There's actually been some rumors around town that when people see a dream where they fall, and they don't immediately wake up, they really die. Is Vincent experiencing this dream?

At some point in his dream escapades, Vincent will encounter a mysterious character -- a humanish monster of some form who wears a wedding dress and carries a knife. This creature, who looks somewhat familiar to Vincent, will attack Vincent.

So what will happen between Vincent, Catherine (with a C) and Katherine (with a K)? It actually depends on your actions. Catherine (that's the name of the game -- with a C) will have multiple endings.

Visit Famitsu.com for more screens.

Are you a bit confused by the two girls in Catherine being Catherine (C) and Katherine (K)? Just imagine how your Japanese reading friends feel. In Japanese, the two names are written with the exact same characters: キャサリン and キャサリン (with a Kya... err...).

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