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Nintendo Formally Announces Super Mario Collection

Red collectors packaging for Wii collection of classic Mario titles.


Retailers provided first word on Super Mario Collection Special Pack a couple of weeks back. Today, Nintendo finally got around to announcing the game via an official site.

Super Mario Collection Special Pack will be released on October 21, priced at ¥2,500. It is being released as a limited edition product.

The game ships in a special red collectors box sporting a Super Mario 25th Anniversary logo. Inside the box, you'll find a copy of a Wii game called Super Mario Collection, a booklet that runs through the past 25 years of Super Mario history complete with unseen artwork and development materials, and a soundtrack CD spanning the first Super Mario Bros. through Galaxy 2.

The Super Mario Collection game is, according to Nintendo, a "reproduction" of 1993's Super Mario Collection which was released overseas as Super Mario All-Stars. Nintendo doesn't say if we can expect any sort of changes from the Super Famicom/Super NES original. It's worth noting that Nintendo's press release about the product makes no mention of any changes, and past retailer listings have referred to the game as a "port" of the original.

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