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Hokkaido's Finest Street Beauties Coming to PSP

Beauty Clock Portable getting second expansion pack tomorrow.

Expect lots of scarfs in this new Beauty Clock expansion.

PSP's Beauty Clock Portable has over 1,000 pics of Tokyo's finest girls (who were pulled off the street). But now that it's been out for over a month, maybe it's "time" (ho ho!) for something new.

For a boost of variety hand HuneX the amount of money it takes to fill yourself up on beef bathed in fat at Matsuya. You'll get a collection of pics of Hokkaido's finest girls (who were pulled off the street), all conveniently holding placards indicating the current time.

The game's Hokkaido expansion pack hits tomorrow, and like the Kyoto expansion pack (released simultaneously with the game), it's a mere ¥300.

Here's a sampling of the fully dressed (Hokkaido is cooooold) lovelies you can expect:

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