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Super Mario Collection Special Pack Images

Check out the sweet packaging Nintendo has planned for its Mario anniversary title.


Super Mario may have turned 25 today, but Nintendo is saving the festivities for October 21, when it releases Super Mario Collection Special Pack.

You may have read the details on the now official collectors pack here earlier today. Now get a look through some full res shots Nintendo sent out.

First, the packaging:

To the left, the packaging that surrounds the set. It's unclear if it's a sleeve or a box.

In the middle, the actual case for the game. The artwork looks like it's straight from the original Super Mario Collection (aka Super Mario All-Stars) box.

Outside of the game case, you'll find a DVD-size case for "Super Mario History 1985-2010," a collectors item that includes a booklet and CD. This booklet recounts the history of Mario, complete with previously unreleased development materials. The CD includes music from the original Super Mario Bros. all the way through Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The actual game part of this collection does look like it's just Super Mario Collection on a Wii disc. Nintendo shared a few images if you've forgotten how it looked back in 1993.

Super Mario Collection Special Pack hits on October 21 at ¥2,500.

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