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Team Ico Update

Famitsu.com shares screens and details for The Last Guardian, Ico and Colossus.


Following months of silence, Fumito Ueda and Team Ico have reentered the spotlight just as the Tokyo Game Show kicks off. The team will be showing three games at the show: The Last Guardian, and PlayStation remakes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Famitsu.com provided an early glimpse at the three today, coinciding with coverage in its print counterpart.

First, those remakes. As with the print article, Famitsu's details on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are limited to general profiles of the two games. The site confirms that the two games are being released in HD form on the PS3. It shares a couple of screens, but these are both at a super wide resolutions.

For The Last Guardian, the site managed to get some fresh new screens showing the main character interacting with the Torico creature:

Details are mostly limited to just what the site was able to pick up from the screenshots. However, the site does confirm that you'll be able to interact closely with the creature, grabbing its fur, climbing it, pulling spears out of its body, and giving it food.

All three titles are listed at the site as date TBA.

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