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Sony Press Briefing Live Blog

Big announcements are on the way from Sony today at its Tokyo Game Show press briefing. Watch the stream, and view the live blog here.

First screen of Shadow of the Colossus on PS3. We should be getting more details today.

Sony has reserved two hours of precious first day Tokyo Game Show real estate for a press briefing. We already know the company will be showing Last Guardian and the two Team ICO remakes. But that's surely not going to fill up two hours!

To find out what else Sony has to offer, you'll want to listen in on the press briefing for yourself. Sony is broadcasting the event live via its TGS portal site.

We'll also be live blogging here, so if you'd rather read what happens, check back in this space at around 13:00.

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15:00 -- The press conference has ended, so I'm closing off the live blog. Sony will be releasing its media shortly, so check back for a glimpse at some of the games that were shown during the briefing.

15:00 -- They're giving everyone Move and an Omniverse demo disk.

15:00 -- Oh... just a goodie for the attendees.

15:00 -- One more thing!

15:00 -- Or is it?

15:00 -- And that's it!

14:59 -- The press conference is coming to an end with Mr. fast talker.

14:59 -- He seemed to be careful about is words to say that the exclusivity is just for Japan.

14:59 -- It will be PS3 exclusive in Japan.

14:58 -- They're making Shin Sanogoku Musou 6

14:58 -- He's brought a surprise.

14:56 -- Now he's showing a video recapping the series history.

14:55 -- And he's going over the history of the series.

14:54 -- He's describing how Dynasty Warriors came to be.

14:53 -- It's the 10th anniversary for Dynasty Warriors, he says.

14:53 -- Next, Suzuki from Omega Force.

14:52 -- Silence.

14:52 -- Next...

14:52 -- That's it for GT!

14:50 -- He's talking about a tie-up with Red Bull Racing.

14:49 -- So much detail!

14:49 -- For GT5 -- yes, this is a lengthy presentation This one is showing the various interiors.

14:48 -- Another trailer.

14:47 -- He's talking about the GT.com version of My Home, which will launch with the game.

14:45 -- Ick... the feed's audio is skipping out.

14:45 -- Oops... that wasn't supposed to be "distinct," but "compact."

14:44 -- First, My Home.

14:44 -- First, he's going to sum up community elements.

14:44 -- He's going to announce a bunch of stuff in a distinct fashion.

14:43 -- He believes his presentation is going to be long.

14:43 -- That's Kazunori Yamauchi, GT producer.

14:43 -- Kaz takes the stage.

14:43 -- Coming November 3! (that was already known)

14:42 -- How many people does Polyphony have making these pumping trailers?

14:40 -- Next up, GT5.

14:40 -- Ah... I think it might have been "Project Dark." It will be released in 2011.

14:38 -- They have a teaser movie.

14:38 -- He believes those who enjoyed Demon's Souls, those who like From's dark fantasy games, and those who just like games will enjoy the new game.

14:37 -- This is from the Demon's Soul people.

14:37 -- They'll be showing "Project Dached" I think.

14:36 -- Man... they cut off the footage from the start.

14:36 -- Next up, From Software.

14:36 -- They hope to have it out next year.

14:35 -- The staff is working to make it more movie like.

14:35 -- It's the start of a new series, he says.

14:35 -- He says Assault Horizon is not Ace Combat 7.

14:33 -- Next, Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

14:33 -- Yes, it is new! It was previously winter.

14:32 -- Is that a new time frame?

14:32 -- Gundam Musou 3 is due in December.

14:31 -- First, Gundam Musou 3.

14:30 -- He's got two games to share. Neither is AKB1/48

14:30 -- Tough act to follow, man!

14:30 -- Next, Unozawa from Namco Bandai.

14:30 -- He says they're making Last Guardian so that they'll get people who don't normally play games playing it.

14:28 -- I didn't get if he said ICO would also be 3D, or if it was just Shadow.

14:28 -- Next, a new trailer for Last Guardian.

14:28 -- He says that he wanted to make Shadow 3D from the start!

14:28 -- It's not just HD, but 3D too!

14:27 -- Shadow will be 3D, he confirms!

14:27 -- Fumito Ueda takes the stage.

14:27 -- I see smooth framerates!

14:26 -- Now, Shadow of Colossus on PS3!

14:26 -- They showed a short clip of ICO on PS3.

14:26 -- Team ICO!

14:26 -- Oh yeah!

14:26 -- What's going on?

14:26 -- Silence.

14:25 -- Next up...

14:23 -- Linky Linky: Yakuza trailer.

14:22 -- They're showing a video... you can see a direct feed clip on the main channel of this site now.

14:21 -- I think she's Chinese, cuz she said thank you in Chinese.

14:21 -- The girl on the left is the game's first foreign hostess.

14:21 -- He's flanked by two of the winning hostess girls.

14:21 -- Toshihiro Nagoshi takes the stage.

14:20 -- That's it for Imaizumi.

14:20 -- There will be a sweet limited edition with 20 song soundtrack, 110 page art book, and a ticket for downloading a Castlevania game from Game Archives -- I think it was Symphony of the Night, but I'm not sure.

14:19 -- Japanese release set for 12.16.2000.

14:18 -- Also, Kojima himself edited the game's lengthy TGS trailer.

14:18 -- After the trailer, Imaizumi discusses the voice actor stuff with the Metal Gear cast and all.

14:16 -- They're showing a trailer for the game now.

14:16 -- How did that happen?

14:15 -- Hey... how come the URL for my story has "yakuza" in it?

14:15 -- He's starting with a history of Castlevania.

14:15 -- He's going to introduce Castlevania.

14:14 -- Kojipro's Kenichiro Imaizumi takes the stage.

14:14 -- This includes having their triple A titles worked on by overseas studios.

14:13 -- Good lord Inafune is going on and on about Capcom's goals to expand and fight in the world and how they're open to doing anything.

14:09 -- Next up, Devil May Cry.

14:09 -- He said that he can't say anything about the game, but he believes everyone should look forward to it.

14:08 -- The game has just started production.

14:08 -- The concept of Asura is "anger." How far can they show anger in a game?

14:06 -- Oops... Capcom is also camera shy. No streaming for the footage.

14:06 -- First up, the CyberConnect 2 tieup.

14:06 -- He has two Capcom games to show.

14:06 -- I wonder if he will enlighten us about the terrible state of the Japanese games market.

14:05 -- Next, Capcom's Keiji Inafune.

14:04 -- He says they're making it so that the content will be completely different, even down to the scenario. He wants people to buy both the PS3 and DS versions.

14:03 -- The team is taking great care with the visuals, seeing how far they can go with the cartoon look, and also with the scenario.

14:03 -- He said they're making the fields have a 2D perspective for people who aren't into 3D games. However, the battles and towns will have a full 3D perspective.

14:02 -- He says they're not using any of the data from the DS version.

14:01 -- The game has the longest lines at Level-5's booth now.

14:01 -- Next, Ni no Kuni.

14:01 -- Hino says he's writing himself the first and second chapters of the upcoming Danbol Senki anime.

14:00 -- He brings up Inazuma Eleven and says they want to do a similar cross media type development here.

14:00 -- Hino is now introducing Danbol Senki.

13:59 -- Oops, maybe I was wrong.

13:58 -- Oh man... Ni no Kuni looks so sweet!

13:58 -- By the way, I don't think these are the games Hino is here to actually introduce.

13:58 -- Next up, Ni no Kuni's PS3 version.

13:56 -- This is unofficially known as Little Warriors in English, I believe.

13:56 -- First off, Danbol Senki.

13:56 -- First, vids of two Level-5 prouced games.

13:56 -- What could it be?

13:56 -- He's going to introduce an SCE game.

13:56 -- That's the big man at Level-5.

13:55 -- Next up, Akihiro Hino!

13:55 -- The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts include product codes for downloading costumes in Dissidia.

13:54 -- There's a connective element between the three games.

13:54 -- Dissidia is due for Spring.

13:52 -- The Jump article on Final Mix did not mention any new features, by the way, so these will presumably be announced in future updates.

13:51 -- Next up, Dissidia I believe.

13:51 -- It's due for January release.

13:51 -- Hashimoto says Final Mix will have additions on top of the US version.

13:51 -- (this has nothing to do with Square Enix)

13:51 -- Hmm... looks like the Yakuza trailer has been released to the internets.

13:50 -- Or... maybe Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, which leaked out of Jump yesterday.

13:49 -- Kingdom Hearts 3!!!

13:49 -- Must be...

13:49 -- "Kingdom Hearts."

13:49 -- Hmm.. English.

13:49 -- They're announcing a new game.

13:49 -- God I suck.

13:48 -- Uhh.... I didn't hear it... sorry :(

13:48 -- Release date announced!

13:48 -- He's introducing the game.

13:48 -- "How was it?"

13:48 -- Aya's clothes must be totally coming off now.

13:47 -- I hear erotic sounds.1

13:47 -- I bet Aya's clothes are disintegrating right now!

13:47 -- This is The 3rd Birthday, by the way.

13:46 -- Ahh... Square Enix is not allowing the trailer footage to be shared with the world, so they're blocking off the video part.

13:46 -- Hmm... this is the worst looking game ever. It's just a black screen with some white text.

13:45 -- Go why is he shouting?

13:45 -- First, he's instrucing PSP's lineup.

13:45 -- Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto gets off the Twitter and takes the stage.

13:44 -- They're going to introduce a few of the games.

13:44 -- Next, software corner!

13:44 -- Next?

13:44 -- The PSP is going on pre-order starting today.

13:43 -- Tsujimoto pimps the upcoming Portable 3rd stage, where he says to expect some new announcements.

13:43 -- Any closing words, Tsujimoto?

13:43 -- They also have them at the press conference.

13:43 -- Visitors to Sony's booth can try the Monster Hunter PSP hardware on 10 kiosks.

13:42 -- Man... why not just call this PSP-4000?

13:41 -- They went through a number of prototypes on the new thumb pad before finalizing it at that.

13:41 -- It's indented a bit.

13:41 -- The analogue pad has been changed too.

13:41 -- The speaker holes have been changed into Felyne footprints.

13:40 -- Oh how cute!

13:39 -- This is actually clever, because it gives the game better grip, which Monster Hunter fans may appreciate.

13:39 -- Ooh... it includes an expanded battery.

13:39 -- Ah, it has a custom theme pre-installed.

13:38 -- He's detailing the various colors.

13:38 -- I bet this segment on the special Monster Hunter PSP is going to last a full hour.

13:37 -- Tsujimoto said he wants to sell more than 2nd G -- meaning more than 4 million units.

13:36 -- Tsujimoto is the producer of Monster Hunter.

13:36 -- He's bringing out Ryozo Tsujimoto to talk about the tie-up!

13:36 -- The PSP unit was made with the cooperation of Sony's hardware team and Capcom's Monster Hunter team.

13:35 -- 19,800 yen, limited quantity.

13:35 -- It's called "Hunters Model." It will be released simultaneously with the game, of course.

13:35 -- It's a special PSP version! Monster Hunter Portable 3rd version!

13:34 -- He's going to introduce one more neat thing.

13:34 -- Poor guy... he had to say "kiss mark" in his speech today.

13:34 -- He's reminding us that the game's special PSP pack comes with 48 battery covers.

13:34 -- Oh crap, he mentioned AKB1/48!

13:33 -- There's also apparently been requests for a pink PSP.

13:33 -- First up, Wining Eleven Value Pack and a 320 gig hard disc I believe.

13:33 -- Next, corner, hardware.

13:33 -- Sorry!

13:33 -- Oops... maybe I heard wrong.

13:32 -- He's going to introduce once more engine for driving PS3 further.

13:32 -- The compatibility will come via a free update, of course.

13:32 -- They're moving it up due to market needs and hard work of their engineers.

13:31 -- Actually, make that September 21! They've moved it up!

13:31 -- At the end of October, they will have an update to 3D Blu-Ray.

13:30 -- 3D also extends to music, photos, etc...

13:30 -- He just said a famous director said he believes his movies will be 3D in the future... but he didn't give the damn name of hte director!

13:30 -- He's saying 3D goes beyond games. First up, movies.

13:29 -- That last screen with the logos was all the games that will be released with 3D support.

13:29 -- This one is also launching with 3D, right?

13:28 -- Ahh... GT5!

13:28 -- Detailed environments.

13:27 -- Hmm... cars.

13:27 -- What could it be?

13:27 -- Next, Polyphony!

13:26 -- This week's Flying Get has her name. I don't recall it off hand.

13:26 -- That's the same lady who sang part 3's theme song, by the way.

13:26 -- Gotta love the dramatic Disaster Report theme songs.

13:26 -- This one is already confirmed to have 3D support. And, it's playable at TGS.

13:25 -- Disaster Report 4!

13:25 -- (Btw, I'm live blogging this based off Sony's live stream, which you could be watching too. The link is up above.)

13:24 -- I bet this looks really neat in 3D.

13:24 -- This is also a technology demonstration.

13:24 -- Looks like it!

13:24 -- 3D Rising?

13:24 -- Uh-oh!

13:23 -- Next, Konami!

13:23 -- Remember, this is also just marked as a tech demo.

13:23 -- Man... make it happen, Square Enix!

13:22 -- Final Fantasy XIV in 3D?

13:22 -- What in the world is this?

13:22 -- From Squenix

13:22 -- Another technolgoy demo

13:21 -- Hot Shots 5 3D has not been announced!

13:21 -- I'll say it again because this clip is so long.

13:21 -- Repeat! It has not been announced!

13:21 -- Hot Shots 5 3D has not been announced!

13:21 -- The footage says it's just for demonstration.

13:21 -- Hot Shots Golf 5!

13:20 -- it's from ClapHanz!

13:20 -- First, a technology demo.

13:20 -- He took out some glasses from his pocket and told everyone in the crowd to do the same.

13:19 -- He's talking about the success of 3D TVs.

13:18 -- Next! 3D!

13:18 -- It's a pun on "Bou," which is "stick" and "Asobou," which is "Let's play."

13:18 -- "Asobou Move" is the marketing message for Move later this year.

13:17 -- You can play 21 Move games today at TGS!

13:17 -- They're talking about the various Move bundles. All old news I believe.

13:16 -- How come I'm using so many exclamation points?

13:16 -- LittleBigPlanet 2

13:15 -- Heavy Rain!

13:15 -- Hustler King

13:15 -- Killzone 3!

13:15 -- That's Time Crisis something overseas, I believe.

13:15 -- Big 3 Gun Shooting.

13:14 -- Power Smash 4

13:14 -- Resident Evil Gold Edition!

13:14 -- Not done yet, I see! Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11!

13:14 -- Wowza! Lotsa games!

13:14 -- Echochrome.

13:13 -- Move de Party.

13:13 -- Me & My Pet in Japan.

13:13 -- Eye Pet.

13:13 -- Machi Suberi!

13:13 -- Fure Fure Bowling!

13:12 -- Furi Furi Sarugetchu!

13:12 -- The icons on the left show if the game is compatible with 3D, Move and PSN.

13:12 -- Nikudan!

13:12 -- Sorry for the blackout!

13:11 -- In wonder if crazy lady will be there again.

13:11 -- Now they're showing a video of Move's title lineup.

13:10 -- The girls didn't appear as zombies unfortunately, but the game footage was sweeeeet!

13:10 -- If not, too bad...

13:10 -- BTW, did you see the Yakuza Of the End stage?

13:10 -- My fingers are going to fall off.

13:10 -- Is it going to be like this for two hours?

13:10 -- Man, this guy is speaking fast.

13:09 -- I don't think I'll summarize this, as it's all known.

13:09 -- Now, he's talking about the technology in Move.

13:09 -- The pics are from that event. They show a variety of people playing, which is the target for Move, he says.

13:08 -- He's talking about PS Move being on demo in an Odaiba event during the summer.

13:08 -- He's discussing the merits of Move, la la la.

13:07 -- He's going to get specific on PS Move today.

13:07 -- "This is PlayStation Move."

13:07 -- First, Move.

13:07 -- They'll start with two areas: Move and 3D.

13:07 -- He says they'll talk about both hardware and software today, as well as services.

13:05 -- In Japan, the system has topped 15 million units.

13:05 -- 62 million systems worldwide.

13:05 -- Next, PSP.

13:05 -- Both hardware and software sales have increased since last year.

13:04 -- Now they're showing domestic sales trends for the PS3.

13:04 -- PS3 has topped 38 million units, software 310 million.

13:03 -- Starting with a business update.

13:03 -- The event has started!

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