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Fumito Ueda Talks ICO and Shadow of the Colossus with Famitsu

Framerates, 3D effects and more in a mini interview from TGS.

The new look of Shadow of the Colossus.

Sony had a number of surprises in its Tokyo Game Show booth yesterday, but perhaps none were as welcome as Fumito Ueda's announcement that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are coming to PlayStation 3. Following Sony's afternoon press briefing, Famitsu.com was able to sit down with Ueda and discuss the two remakes.

Ueda told the site that he's overlooking the whole of the ICO and Wander projects as "supervisor." Every week, he'll receive updates, and he's checking these. The remakes are being handled by an "extremely excellent" development company, he said, although he did not share the name.

In terms of actual content, the remakes will be the same as the PlayStation 2 versions. For the original PS2 ICO, he noted, there were actually two distinct versions -- the Japanese and European version, and the American version. The PS3 version is based off the former, the Japanese and European version.


Famitsu asked specifically about frame rate. "ICO will remain 30 frames per second," Ueda replied. "Even if we were able to do 60 frames, we wouldn't change it." The Last Guardian is also meant to be 30 frames per second, he said. Areas where the PS2 version dropped frames will remain 30 in the PS3 version.

Outside of the announcement, the big news regarding Ico and Shadow is that they will be 3D compatible. Asked about this area of the games, Ueda expressed surprise with the amount of control one has in adjusting the 3D effects -- how far you can make things fly out, how far you can make things go into the screen, and where you can place the focus. "ICO's 3D is good, but when Shadow of the Colossus becomes 3D, its true power really emerges."

Shadow of the Colossus

Here in Japan, the two games will be released separately, Ueda confirmed with the site. He would not share specifics about time frame.

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