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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity to Feature In Game Colonel Sanders

Sega's next tie-up following Calorie Mate.


Sega's first tie-up for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity was with Calorie Mate. That's why there may be a slightly yellow tinge to the game's Tokyo Game Show booth this year.

The game's second collaboration was announced today in that booth:

Yes, that's an in-game model of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders. As part of a collaboration between Sega and Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan, low poly Sanders will appear in PSPi. He will be a partner character, which means he will accompany you on your adventure.

What will he use as a weapon? Judging by this shot Famitsu.com took at the game's stage event today (the collaboration was announced along side Phantasy Star Online 2), I'd say it's not his goatee.

The Colonel's in-game appearance is just one phase of the collaboration. Sega confirms that there will be KFC-related in-game items as well.

Flashbacks to the Pizza Hut collaboration for PSP2.

(from PSP2)

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