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Mega Man Universe to Feature Collaborative Characters

First tie-up is with Gachapin. First look here.


Capcom held a "Surprise Stage" for Mega Man Universe at the Tokyo Game Show today. This was the surprise:

It looks a little like Mega Man!

It looks a little like Gachapin!

No wait, you're both right!

That's Megapin, a fusion of Mega Man and Gachapin. This collaborative character is the first post-announcement character reveal for Universe. He will be made available to Mega Man Universe owners as download content. Capcom will provide further details later.

We can probably expect more collaborations for Universe. The game's official site now has an entire section for tie-ups.

Capcom made a big fuss about the collaboration today in its TGS booth. Visit Dengeki for a look at Megapin's mommy and daddy.

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