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Miles Faces Off Against Tough New Judge in Ace Attorney Investigations 2

Capcom unveils new characters at game's Tokyo Game Show stage event.

Capcom's Ace Attorney Investigations 2 booth at TGS.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 saw its proper unveiling today during a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show. As part of the "Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Tokyo Game Show Special Court 2010" event, producer Motohide Eshiro and director Takeshi Yamazaki took the stage to introduce the game to the press.

The two shed a bit of light on the game's new "Logic Chess" mode which was introduced last week but without any actual details. Logic Chess is used for interrogating characters who just won't crack. You throw out a series of questions at your opponent, selecting each question from two options. The "chess" part appears to be there just for visual styling, as Miles is, of course, a big chess fan. Eshiro assured that the system would not be too difficult.

Logic Chess. The chess pieces are just symbolic. You aren't actually playing chess.

Character designer Tatsuo Iwamoto appeared on stage to announce four newcomer characters:

  • Mikiko Hayami: a reporter
  • Taro Tanaka: a mysterious icecream seller
  • Outeikun: President of the Republic of Zheng Fa
  • Hakari Mikagami: A female judge

Outeikun is the orange-haired guy from the previously released screenshots. Taro and Mikiko appeared in the game's first trailer (streamable below). You can see the three here:

Taro (left) and Mikiko (right).

Mikagami was the main announcement at the event. She's Miles' new rival for Investigations 2. She seems to be pretty tough, as she's considered the "god of law."

Explaining the character's creation, Iwamoto said that her design was based of an older girl he looked up to during his school years. "She's tough on the law, so she's really tough on people who break the law," he said.

For a glimpse at the judge, visit 4gamer's report on the stage show.

The game's debut trailer shows many of the new elements and characters. Stream it here courtesy of Capcom's YouTube channel:

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was originally announced as date TBA, but at the stage event it was given a more specific Spring 2011 time frame.

The game will be playable on Saturday and Sunday on the public days of Tokyo Game Show, so those wanting a sampling should head out to Makuhari. Capcom will have another showing of today's stage event tomorrow, and will be live streaming it this time. Visit our TGS stage show schedule for timing and live stream information.

Capcom had an elaborate booth ready for Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

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