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First Look: Disgaea 4

Nippon Ichi shares a first trailer for next year's PlayStation 3 sequel.


A retailer leaked out first word on Disgaea 4 yesterday. Today, Nippon Ichi one-upped the retailer by opening an official teaser site for the PS3 game.

The site lists the game's name as the unsurprising Makai Senki Disgaea 4 (the stuff before the Disgaea was in the previous games too). As mentioned in the retail leak, the game will be released on February 24.

While the site won't get its full opening until September 7, there is a revealing movie there right now. The movie mentions illustrations from Takehito Harada along with many of those wacky strategic elements we've come to expect from a Disgaea game.

There are also a bunch of new elements mentioned towards the end of the trailer, including some sort of political system and new network play options. We'll have to wait for the official site to formally open for details on these areas.

View the trailer in streaming form here:

The trailer mentions standard and limited versions of the game, priced respectively at ¥7,140 and ¥9,975. The limited edition will include a soundtrack CD, an art book and a Nendoroid figure. Pre-orderers for either version will get a code for a character download.

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