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Capcom Announces Metal Gear Solid Tieup For Monster Hunter

Dress up like Snake and The Boss and have your Felynes hide in a box.

From the Peace Walker side of the Monster Hunter tie-up.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker had a huge tie-up with Monster Hunter that resulted in a Monster Hunter-style bonus gameplay segment featuring actual monsters from the popular Capcom series.

It turns out that the tie-up goes both ways. At a stage event during the first public day of the Tokyo Game Show today, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will feature some Metal Gear Solid elements.

A few images that attendees snapped up of the collaboration. That's Snake and The Boss to the left and your Felyne to the right.

As reported at 4gamer, the tie-up involves the following areas:

  • MHP3rd will feature Snake male equipment and The Boss female equipment. When equipped, your characters will look like Snake and The Boss.
  • Your companion Felynes will be able to wear sneaking suits, bandanas and hold knives. When you make your hunter duck the Felyne will hide itself in a box.
  • The game will have sound effects and voices from Metal Gear Solid. This includes Snake and The Boss saying the game's trademark "Jouzu ni Yakimashita!" for when you cook meat.

The content will be available as part of a download quest. Details will be shared later.

Images from the Peace Walker side of the tie-up.

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