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Ono Talks Super SFIV Arcade Version with Famitsu

Producer says the old "Ufufufufu" when asked about additional new characters.

Arcade Super is just a few months out!

The Tougeki fighting tournament kicked off at the Makuhari Messe today as a special event within the Tokyo Game Show. Possibly bigger than the actual on-stage combat part of the tournament, though, is a game Capcom is showing in a booth it has set up on the tournament grounds: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Following a couple of location test phases, Super SFIV Arcade Edition is getting true exposure to the masses at Tougeki. The showing is such a big event that producer Yoshinori Ono decided to stop on by and share some comments with Famitsu.com.

Ono confirmed to the site that the arcade version is due for release in mid December. This was previously leaked out by arcade operators, but it's good to get official word.

The arcade version adds Street Fighter III's Yun and Yang to the playable roster (although Capcom still hasn't formally announced them). Said Ono, "At first, we weren't sure if we'd be able to put in new characters or not, but it looks like we were able to make it in time. Yun and Yang's Street Fighter III movement is solidly replicated, so those who've played the series shouldn't have any issues when using them. Our developers have great confidence in Yun and Yang, so please try them out."

Outside of the new characters, the arcade version makes some major balance adjustments. In fact, Ono believes that not a single character has gone untouched. He joked that some players may complain that their work memorizing things for the home version of Super may have gone to waste.

Among the changes, the staff has made it so the overly powerful skills used by the older cast of World Warriors will have greater risk now. Ono believes that you won't be able to win a fight by just using a single skill.

Balance adjustments will continue to be made even after today's showing. The Tougeki cabinets are recording replay data, which the team will consult for future adjustments.

Why so much worry about adjustments? Ono has said this in the past, but he reiterated it here. The plan is to make Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition the last entry in the Street Fighter IV series. They're adjusting it so that it can be played endlessly.

Now for the big question. Will home players get the arcade version changes? Ono wouldn't give a straight answer, only saying that if there are lots of requests for this, they'd look into it.

Actually, Famitsu had an even bigger question for Ono:

Famitsu: Will there be other new characters aside from Yun and Yang?

Ono: Ufufufufu (I think this can translate to "Bwa ha ha ha ha").

I believe Ono had a similar response when people asked him about new characters after the arcade version as first announced.

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