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Idolmaster 2 To Feature Male Idol Group Jupiter

Surprise announcement at TGS. Get a first look here.


Meet Touma Amagase, Hokuto Ijuuin and Shouta Mitarai, Idolmaster 2's newest idols.

If they look a bit different than past Idolmaster idols, it's because they're a bunch of guys. And not guys pretending to be girls (which you'll remember from the DS game) but an actual boy band.

Touma, Hokuto and Shouta form Jupiter, a band from 961 Productions (that can be read "ku-ro-i," or "black"). Their appearance in Idolmaster 2 was a big surprise announcement at today's Idolmaster 2 Tokyo Game Show stage.

Namco Bandai wasted no time in giving the group their very own website, and their first video. The fifth Idolmaster 2 PV shows Jupiter performing "Alice or Guilty."

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