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New Tengai Makyo is a Browser Game

Final name and logo released. Details could be coming tomorrow.


The next Tengai Makyo game was announced earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show. During a series of 4gamer live broadcasts, Red Entertainment's Takashi Fukui and GameComplex's Shion Sawa (aka Shioniku) announced the final name as "Tengai Makyo Jipang Seven" and revealed the platform to be... web browser.

The two refused to share specifics on the game, and wouldn't even clarify what type of browser-based game it will be. They would only say that the goal is to make the game as accessible as possible in terms of hardware. There will be a cooperative element, although you'll also be able to play on your own.

More details, along with illustrations, will be shared during another 4gamer broadcast tomorrow.

From the 4gamer broadcast. They used an iPad to show artwork from the game.

Tengai Makyo, also known as "Far East of Eden," is one of Red Entertainment and Ouji Hiroii's major franchises. The series' first installment, Tengai Makyo Ziria, was originally released as a CD-ROM game for the PC Engine in 1989. The most recent installment, Tengai Makyo III Namida, was released on the PS2 in 2005.

In an earlier broadcast at 4gamer, Fukui and Sawa revealed that the name Jipang Seven was decided upon by Hiroii and Fukui at a coffee shop. They wanted to use "Jipang," the setting of the game, in the name, and decided to put the seven in there as this is the seventh game in the series.

The seven number will also be a recurring theme in the game, possibly through such areas as having seven major characters and seven countries.

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