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Itagaki Doesn't Expect Devil's Third in 2011

Producer jokes that development is at 11%.

A Devil's Third screenshot, released back at E3.

Tomonobu Itagak's Devil's Third isn't at the Tokyo Game Show. But Tomonobu Itagaki is, and the CTO of Valhalla Games Studio sat down (or maybe they all stood) with Famitsu.com for a short interview

The big revelation in the interview came towards the end. The site asked Itagaki for a release time frame. "It looks like it's still a ways off," replied Itagaki. "We'd like to release it as quickly as possible, but we want to make something great, so please wait a bit. What I can say is that at present it doesn't look like it will be released next year. However, the amount of time we make you wait will go into making a game that makes everyone happy, so please look forward to it."

Earlier in the interview, he'd joked that the game was at 11% completion. If you read all the E3 interviews, you'll recall that Itagaki gave a 10% figure back then.

A bit more seriously, Itagaki said that he has four stages for development. Devil's Third is currently in the stage where the team gathers the required materials. Additionally, because they want to make Devil's Third into a series, they're currently considering what type of development style to take in order to make the goal closest.

"We're currently in the 'basic preparation' state. This is about to finish, though, and we can jump right into full scale production. Once that happens, I'll suddenly be able to give a 70% complete figure."

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