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Konami Debuts 3D Love Plus at Tokyo Game Show

Company promises major announcement shortly.

Love Plus took center stage at Konami's Tokyo Game Show booth this year.

Love Plus was in the spotlight in Konami's booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show, with two arcade titles on display and a stage show promising even more to come.

The two games were Love Plus Arcade and Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life, the latter presumably the secret title Konami had been promising for the booth.

Arcade has already gone on location test. You can read about it here.

Love Plus Medal is a medal game with two modes of play: Daily Life Mode and Date Mode. In daily life mode, you advance through an original story, making selections which determine how many medals you receive. Date Mode is a conversation mode where you make choices and attempt to have a successful date with the girl.

Konami is using some advanced display technology for Happy Daily Life. Cabinets have a sub monitor above the main monitor. This monitor projects 3D images of the girls. The girls will encourage you as you play. You can also reach out and touch them, and they will react. Konami refers to this as "Touch Communication."

Happy Daily Life will have some connectivity with other Love Plus games. You'll be able to hold up your DS (presumably with Love Plus +) to the unit's "3D Communicator" and have it read in your hair styles. Konami also plans connectivity with Love Plus Arcade.

Despite the appearance of two Love Plus games at TGS, Konami seems to have even more Love Plus on the way. Closing off the Love Plus Special Stage on Saturday, producer Akari Uchida said "Soon, we'll have a major announcement about the thing everyone has been hoping for. Please look forward to it."

The "Special Stage" where the announcement took place featured a contest where fans could present "expressions of their love" for one of the Love Plus girls. The winner of the Akari Uchida Prize was Makoto, who gave a speech about the memories of his vacation with his girlfriend, Nene. He finished off the speech with a kiss to his DS.

You can see some pics from the stage at 4gamer.

Konami also had AR markers set up on the show floor allowing visitors to take augmented reality pictures using Love Plus i. (Images from Konami.)

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