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Which Games Are Most Popular at Tokyo Game Show?

4gamer provides comprehensive reports on which games commanded the longest lines.

The crowd at the Konami Stage for the Metal Gear Cosplay Camp stage.

The Tokyo Game Show is known for its long lines, sometimes topping six hours. Imagine waiting six hours waiting to play a game for 20 minutes!

Based off a series of 4gamer reports, the wait times at this year's first public day yesterday didn't reach six hours, but they still got long enough quick enough that if you weren't at the show within 30 minutes of opening you were out of luck on many of the biggest games.

Click on the names of the various publishers below for a 4gamer article showing pics of staff holding cards listing the amount of wait time. I've also included some pics that Shu sent over from his trip to the show on the first business day and first public day.


Given Monster Hunter 3's six hour waits a couple of years back, there was presumably a big concern about a repeat occurrence with MHP3rd. Capcom ended up readying 100 kiosks split across single player and multi player. They distributed play tickets in a separate ticketing area, and also allowed people to lineup. Lines for immediate play formed at the booth 15 minutes after the event's opening. The play tickets were all gone by 11:00.

Other Capcom titles commanded lengthy waits too. Marvel vs Capcom 3 had 45 minute waits 20 minutes after the start of the show. The Ace Attorney Investigations 2 line was temporarily closed after 11:00. Mega Man Universe had a wait of 60 minutes at 10:30.


Ni no Kuni was the most popular attraction in the Level-5 booth, with 120 minute play times by 12:00. This line was for "Ni no Kuni Double," which allowed players to play both the DS and PlayStation 3 version.

Inazuma Eleven Strikers had 80 minutes for both of its play styles: vs CPU and two player. Danbol Senki had 40 minute waits. The mobile Ni no Kuni Hotroit Stories had a 50 minute wait.

Ni no Kuni on PS3 and DS.

Namco Bandai

Tales of Graces F and Tales of Graces Radiant Mythology 3 had their lines temporarily closed by 11:00. Super Robot Wars L and Gundam Musou 3 commanded 90 minute waits. God Eater Burst and Solatorobo took up 60 minutes each.

Namco Bandai also decided to distribute tickets for getting into its Idol Master 2 stage event (where the Jupiter male idol group was announced). Tickets were all accounted for 40 minutes after the start of the show.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, brought to you by Calorie Mate, was big at Sega's booth this year, with tickets to play the game gone by 12:10.

Valkyria Chronicles 3, which saw formal announcement at TGS had a 2 hour 30 minute line quickly following the start of the show.

Yakuza Black Panther didn't seem to draw lengthy lines, presumably because Sega had made available a demo.

Other games in Sega's booth:

  • Vanquish PS3: 60 minutes
  • Vanquish Xbox 360: 45 minutes
  • Virtual On Force: 45 minutes
  • K-On: 2 Hours
  • Shiren the Wanderer 5: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • F1 2010: 45 minutes
Sega had some other attractions in its booth outside of the playable games.

Square Enix

You think you're going to play a Square Enix Game at Tokyo Game Show? Ha!

  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: play tickets gone by 10:37
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix: play tickets gone by 10:26
  • The 3rd Birthday: 3 hour wait
  • Tactics Ogre: 1 hour wait at 10:40, 2 hour wait 10 minutes later

The only remotely playable games appeared to be SaGa 3 and Lord of Arcana with 40 to 60 minute waits.

D3 Publisher

D3's big titles this year were Dream Club Zero and Dream Club Portable. Both had waits of over 30 minutes 25 minutes after the start of the show.


Kinect appeared to be pretty popular. Microsoft had four demo stations set up in its booth. The stations offered Adventure, Sports, Crossboard 7, Sonic Free Riders and New Brain Training. Players could select two of these. By 11:00, the wait line for these stations topped the 200 minute mark.

What's more popular than Kinect? Idolmaster 2! On display exclusively in Microsoft's booth, the Idolmaster 2 line was temporarily closed off at 10:30. Microsoft had four kiosks set up.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online had a 60 minute wait for its 8 kiosks. Those who sampled the game were given a demo of the upcoming Season 9.0 update.

Dream Club was popular in Microsoft's booth as well, with 120 minute waits for its four kiosks.

Halo Reach had a total of 10 kiosks. Campaign mode had 40 minute waits. Fire Fight mode had 90 minute waits.

Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International didn't seem to draw too much attention initially. Microsoft had two kiosks available. By 11:00, the waits were 20 minutes.

Virtual On Force commanded 120 minute waits across its four kiosks. Two of the kiosks had Twin Sticks EX controllers.


How long were people willing to wait to play Disaster Report 4? We may never know, as Irem had some technical difficulties that made them pull the game from demo. Visitors were only able to view a 3D display demo of the game.


It looks like PC games aren't as popular as console games at TGS -- at least, not these PC games. Langrisser Schwarz and Tiara Concerto took up 30 to 45 minutes each, but this was due to the games being available for longer play times. Divinia, Reign of Assassins, Warrior of Dragon, Soul Captor and Hero 108 could all be played without waits at about 15:00.

Here are some pics of some other types of lines:

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