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Devil's Third May Support 3D

Tomonobu Itagaki discusses development on multiplatform action title.


Tomonobu Itagaki appears to be on a Tokyo Game Show press tour with Devil's Third, even though the game is not officially at the event. Following his interview with Famitsu.com yesterday (see here for a summary of a portion of that), the ninja master sat down with Impress Watch.

The big revelation from the Impress Watch interview is that Itagaki is considering making the game support 3D output. Noting that 3D was one of the big topics at TGS, Impress asked Itagaki if Devil's Third could support the technology. Responded Itagaki, "It's not a game that's build around it, but I'd like to at least offer it as an option."

Xbox 360 users may not be out of luck with this particular area of the game. Said Itagaki, "I know we can make it compatible on PS3. Xbox 360 too can also be made compatible if we do it side by side."

Itagaki appears to be big on 3D as a whole, saying "The thing I'm most interested in now may be 3D televisions." Rather than necessarily feeling the appeal of 3D itself, though, Itagaki said that he just likes new things. There are positive and negative aspects to 3D, he explained. The positive aspects include the impact of the visuals, and the wider expressive power. The negative aspects include the narrow sweet spot and the requirement for goggles.

Back on Devil's Third, Itagaki shared some insights into the game's development, and also provided an outlook for when we can look forward to the game.

Development on Devil's Third is a true international effort. Impress Watch asked Itagaki if the game is being developed entirely within Japan. "This would be impossible now, and wasteful too." Valhalla has three offices, the main one being where he is stationed. The staff for Devil's Third is located around the world, though. "Previously, we did everything ourselves. But this method is better."

The total number of people working on the project will end up numbering 300 or 400, Itagaki said.

Just as he said to Famitsu yesterday, Itagaki told Impress Watch that the game is currently 11% compete, up from the 10% of E3. He's of course just joking -- it won't take 22 years to finish the game. More importantly, development is going favorably, he said, with clear progression over the three months since E3. Additionally, the Valhalla staff has increased greatly.

The game won't be released next year, Itagaki also reiterated to Impress.

More mysteriously, Itagaki said that the game could be released on platforms in addition to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "We're developing it so that it can be brought to as yet unknown hardware as well. Specifically, the various areas of technology are scalable."

Impress asked if this means Nintendo 3DS and a next generation PSP are included in Itagaki's sights. Responded Itagaki, "More than that, although I can't say this easily because I don't have any information, it's possible that Nintendo could release a higher end console. Something like that."

Outside of making games, Itagaki also appears to be a big time gamer himself. Impress Watch asked what titles might be influencing him for Devil's Third. He responded that he played pretty much all the major shooters and plans on making use of the good elements.

Personally, Itagaki has been been playing a considerable amount of Dragon Quest IX, to the tune of 400 hours! (Impress Watch pointed out to Itagaki that this is somewhat unexpected.) He also took interest in Assassin's Creed II and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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