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Date Set for Tokyo Game Show 2011

CESA once again ponders four day or three day schedule.

Gamers flock to Tokyo Game Show on the second public day. The weather cleared up for the public, compared to the rainy opening press day.

Stories are still coming out of Tokyo Game Show 2010, but show organizers CESA are already talking about next year's event.

As this year's show officially closed off Sunday evening, CESA announced that next year's show will take place from either 9/15 through 9/18 or 9/16 through 9/18.

The reason for the "or" in there is because CESA has yet to decide if it will have two business days or just one. It initially said the same thing about this year's event before deciding upon the four day schedule.

As reported earlier, overall attendance was up this year, topping the 200,000 mark for the first time. However, attendance dropped a bit on the two business days.

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