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Comedy Group Samples Lightning in Dissidia 012

Square Enix PR rep promises additional character announcements.


Comedy duo America Zarigani hosted a series Famitsu.com broadcasts from the Tokyo Game Show. One of their biggest coups was getting to play Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and film the play session.

Watch the two sample the PSP sequel courtesy of Famitsu.com's YouTube channel:

In the video, America Zarigani members Tetsuya Yanagihara (left) and Yoshiyuki Hirai (right) interview Square Enix PR rep Yohei Murakami. They joke that there are a lot of Ds in the name.

The two are given a chance to use newcomer Lightning as Murakami explains the basics of the game, suggesting that they use L and R to perform Lightning's Optima Changes.

At the end of the video, Hirai comments that the game feels fast and refreshing.

More importantly, Murakami said that additional newcomer characters will be announced continually from here on out. The game's Tokyo Game Show trailer already showed Tifa.

Square Enix only released a couple of new screens of Dissidia at TGS. However, the game appeared to leave a major impression on attendees, as it was one of the winners of this year's attendee-voted Future Game Awards.

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