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More Tokyo Game Show Waits

See what games people waited for in the Sony, Konami and Tecmo Koei booths.

More anecdotal evidence of Tokyo Game Show game popularity.

It appears that I forgot to include some major publishers in my last story about Tokyo Game Show wait times. So, here you go! As with the first story, the info is based off 4gamer reports (click on the publisher name to be taken to the original story), with press day photos provided by your andriasang.com TGS photographer Shuichi.

Tecmo Koei

Troy Musou and Trinity Zill 0'll Zero had lengthy waits when 4gamer checked up on the Tecmo Koei booth midway through the show's first public day. Troy Musou's line ended up being closed off even though play was limited to age 18 and up.

Also popular in the Tecmo Koei booth was a Dynasty Warriors 6 3D play corner. This 3D PlayStation 3 demo of Dynasty Warriors 6, said to be exclusive to Tokyo Game Show, commanded waits of over 100 minutes.

Attendees were also interested in Tecmo Koei's online games. Those who sampled the games were given a card for downloading an in-game item.

As you can see, Shu sent some pics of the hot Tecmo Koei girls, but unforgivably forgot to include the girl with the belly button ring (I'm docking you 10 bucks, Shu!).

Sony Computer Entertainment

4gamer didn't provide specific wait times for Sony's booth. However, it did say that the most popular game appeared to be, as one might expect, Gran Turismo 5. Attendees also appeared to take great interest in Killzone 3 and Tokyo Jungle.

Sony also had its usual big screen video presentation. The big screen aired 20 minute trailer reels for PS3 and PSP.

The PS3 clip lineup: Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3, Final Fantasy XIV, Call of Duty Black Ops, Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid Rising, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Gundam Musou 3, Ni no Kuni, Yakuza Of the End, Asura's Wrath, DmC Devil May Cry and The Last Guardian.

The PSP clip lineup: White Knight Chronicles Dogma Wars, Patapon 3, Tactics Ogre, Danbol Senki, Yakuza Black Panther, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Shining Hearts, The 3rd Birthday, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

For some of the games (cough White Knight cough), this was the only presence on the show floor.

Most of the trailers have already been shared online. Regarding the Square Enix trailers, Tetsuya Nomura said earlier today at The 3rd Birthday Twitter that they're currently preparing for an online release. He didn't specify which trailers in particular, but the ones that were shown in the Sony theater seem like a strong possibility, as opposed to the Agito and Versus trailer clips, which you're never ever ever going to see. [spoiler]Except for the leaked versions[/spoiler]


4gamer checked Konami's booth extremely early in the morning on the first public day, so the figures the site provided may not really be indicative of popularity.

However, even early in the day, some games were clearly big hits amongst show goers. By 10:20, Castlevania already had a 60 minute wait.

Love Plus Arcade was limited to just 260 players throughout the day. By 10:20, half the play tickets were gone.

Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life, which has a sub monitor that beams out a touchable 3D girlfriend, was being readied when 4gamer visited the booth. The site was told that it would be available for play at around 11:00.

Games like Winning Eleven, DanceEvolution and Crossboard 7 had waits of under 30 minutes when 4gamer checked. These presumably increased as the day progressed.

Konami's various Metal Gear stage shows also appeared to be quite crowded. Hideo Kojima himself expressed surprise at this via Twitter.

You'll recall that Atlus put a trailer of Catherine in the Konami booth. It seemed quite, err, exposed:

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