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Monster Hunter x Metal Gear Solid: Closer Look

Snake gets his biggest weapon yet.


Just in case your interest wasn't perked when Konami and Capcom announced the next phase in their unlikely Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid collaboration, check out this official artwork that popped up at the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd official site yesterday:

As detailed at the Tokyo Game Show over the weekend, Konami will be lending some Metal Gear Solid elements to the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This is apparently payback for Peace Walker having that sweet Monster Hunter gameplay area.

The collaboration has three parts, all nicely depicted in the above images:

1. You'll get special sneaking suit and bandana Felyne equipment.

2. You'll be able to transform your male hunter to look like Snake.

3. You'll be able to transform your female hunter to look like The Boss.

The Snake and The Boss outfits appear to just be for show, so they won't actually affect the gameplay.

The goodies will be released as part of a post-release download quest. The items will be given to you as rewards for clearing the quest. Capcom hasn't shared a time frame for the quest download.

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