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Kojima Wants to Show His Next Game at TGS 2011

The TGS Castlevania trailer was nice, but where's our real Hideo Kojima joint?

This is Hideo Kojima. He edited your Tokyo Game Show Castlevania trailer.

Now that Tokyo Game Show is over, we can get back to the real source for news: Twitter!

Hideo Kojima has been Tweeting quite heavily following TGS. Earlier today, he Tweeted a response to a post by Torico creator Fumito Ueda.

But before that, he had something to say about his own showing at TGS: "I think it would be nice if next year I can do not just editing, but introduce my own new game (game design, script and direction)."

This was in response to a post from Jiro Ishii, who's working at Level-5 now on Time Travelers. Wrote Ishii, "The Castlevania PV was, as expected, excellent. Next year, I will work to make something that doesn't lose out to it."

In case you weren't aware, Konami's epic Tokyo Game Show Castlevania trailer was edited by Hideo Kojima himself. It and Metal Gear Solid Rising were the only upcoming Kojima Productions games on display at the show.

You can see Kojima's work here:

(Those are Metal Gear Solid voice actors in the background, by the way.)

Kojima got people talking when, during the Metal Gear Cosplay Camp tournament voice actress Yumi Kikuchi, dressed as her Strangelove character, shouted "Say something shocking," and Kojima shouted back jokingly "It's 5! Shall we make 5! With this, I won't have to quit Konami. I'll be there for 3 more years."

Kojima has mentioned Metal Gear Solid 5 in past Famitsu interviews. Many were expecting to get some further details on that project at TGS.

But all we got was the Castlevania trailer, so it looks like we're going to have to rely on the occasional mysterious Tweet for the time being (when Kojima is not posting pics of his lunch, of course).

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

From the Metal Gear Cosplay Camp tournament.

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