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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Launch Commemorated With Giant Keyblades

Another reason to visit Tokyo Disney Land.


Now outside the Ikspiari facility at the entrance to Tokyo Disney Resort:

Square Enix kicked off the "Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded in Ikspiari" event today with the unveiling of this giant 4-meter tall Kingdom Hearts statue.

How big is it exactly? Here's an image the Kingdom Hearts Twitter shared of Sora's Keyblade under construction:

The Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded in Ikspiari event will run from today through September 30. In addition to the giant statue, visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort have access to Re:Coded demo kiosks and print seal machines. Airings of Toy Story 3 in the Ikspiari theater show a special 30 second Re:Coded commercial.

Press gather for the launch event (left). Inside Ikspiari, you'll find special print seal machines and Re:Coded play kiosks.

Square Enix gathered the press and fans for the event's opening ceremony earlier today. Producer Shinji Hashimoto took the stage and recounted the well known passage about how the franchise began through a chance encounter with a Disney staff member in the elevator of Meguro's Arco Tower, where both Disney and then Square had offices at the time. He also told attendees to look forward to the 3DS entry in the series.

The launch event was also attended by Yukorin in a witch outfit and comedians America Zarigana. Visit Famitsu.com for a look.

Photos from the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter.

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