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God Eater Burst Gets a Godlier Demo

Namco Bandai promises even more content compared to the original's demo.

Sample God Eater Burst ahead of its October 28 release.

God Eater Burst is apparently enough of a departure from the original God Eater to warrant its own demo. And not only that, but Namco Bandai is going to be packing the demo with content.

The first God Eater demo, downloaded over a million times prior to God Eater's release, offered 10 missions, most playable over ad-hoc, and a sampling of customization options.

In a post at the game's development blog today, the Burst staff said to expect the Burst demo to greatly outclass the original's demo in terms of volume. The post didn't get too specific, but said that those who've played the original will be able to feel how things have evolved for Burst, and those who are new to the series will be able to use the demo to prepare for the final release.

You'll be able to import your demo data to the final copy of Burst. Of course, Burst can also import save data from the original God Eater. The demo and the full God Eater will result in separate save files in Burst. The importing works for all three versions of Burst: the standard version, the Append version, and the download version.

In case you had any weird ideas, you will not be able to import your God Eater save file into the God Eater Burst demo (troublemaker!).

The Bust demo will be released in early October. The blog said to expect further details in a future update.

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