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This Week's Early Flying Get

Tokyo Game Show is over. Now fill in all the blanks with this week's magazine coverage. [Updated 12:49]

Asura's Wrath, one of the big Tokyo Game Show surprise announcements, gets the full Famitsu treatment this week.

Thursday is a holiday here (specifically, Autumn Equinox). That means early flying get!

Post Tokyo Game Show flying gets tend to be really fun because Famitsu fills in all the blanks on everything that was announced at the show.

Check back throughout the day for the latest leaks, and turn back to the main channel over the coming days for more official reports.

ADDED 12:46

More From Tetsuya Nomura

A few more bits from Tetsuya Nomura's Famitsu interview to go along with the Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference info below.

For Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Nomura confirms that you'll be able to import your save data from either the original Dissidia or Universal Tuning. Universal Tuning was the Japanese international release of the overseas version of the original Dissidia.

Regarding Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, details on the new secret movie that's being added are being kept secret for now.

On The 3rd birthday, Nomura confirms that the Lightning costume can tear apart like Aya's other outfits. When it breaks apart, you'll be able to see Lightning's l'Cie mark on Aya.

Asura's Wrath Interview Summary

Famitsu has an interview with the Asura's Wrath staff. A lot of the interview appears to be about things the game doesn't have -- it will be game with extremely low freedom, it won't have a big power up system, and it won't be abundant in items. It also won't be easily accessible -- the hurdles won't be particularly low.

Also, there will be absolutely no multiplayer or co-op. And there's no intention of selling multiplayer play via DLC.

Capcom has their own MT Framework engine, which second parties have been using for their games. So why does Asura use Unreal Engine 3? Apparently, it was felt that Unreal Engine 3 would be a better fit for CyberConnect2.

I have a feeling there's more to this interview than the summary I'm reading on the Japanese blogs, so I'd suggest waiting for a more complete summary here later in the day.

ADDED 12:06

Tetsuya Nomura Details Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference

One of the more mysterious announcements from the Tokyo Game Show came at the end of the the special Tetsuya Nomura trailer reel. A note following the brief footage of Final Fantasy Versus and Agito XIII promised some sort of "Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII Conference" to be held on January 11.

In this week's Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura has provided some first details on what to expect from the conference:

  • Square Enix will release some actual screens of Versus XIII and Agito XIII
  • They will announce a number of titles, including games outside of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series
  • They will announce new Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy characters
  • There will be a number of other surprises
  • The event will most likely allow for some members of the general public to join in.

ADDED 9:51

New This Week

Famitsu has coverage this week of Square Enix's big TGS titles including Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Dissidia, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.

The magazine also has an Asura's Wrath interview, which is hopefully different from the interview that's already at Famitsu.com.

New Wii games include "Write! Move! Catch! Teacher Wii," "Karaoke Joysound Wii SuperDX By Yourself, With Everyone All You Can Sing," "Shape Boxing 2 Enjoy Diet on Wii" and "Billy's Boot Camp Enjoy Diet on Wii."

Two Wii games with "Enjoy Diet" in the title?

New for PSP this week: D3 PUblishers's "Misshitsu no Sacrifice Itoka: Escape From a Sealed Facility." This is a sequel, I believe.

Previously announced games featured this week include Super Robot Taisen L, Dead Rising 2, Radiant Historia, Dot Defense and Earth Seeker.

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