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Pac-Man is everywhere on his 30th anniversary. He's in arcades for the four player table-top Pac-Man Battle Royal. He's in Namco Bandai's Kinect brain training game.

And now, he's on milk cartons:

That's actually not "milk." It's a beverage called Meiji Bokura no Coffee (Our Coffee).

Pac-Man is also on Meiji Strawberry Ole, Meiji Fruits Ole, Meiji The Coffee Milk, Meiji Pudding Super Big, Meiji Milk Pudding Super Big, and Meiji Chocolate Pudding Super Big.

This collaborative packaging is part of a tie-up between Namco Bandai and Meiji in celebration of Pac-Man's 30th anniversary.

Each package contains a bar code which can be used to access the Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Collaboration Mobile Site. From there, you'll be able to download a special Meiji-themed Pac-Man and machi-uke images for your cell phone.

You'll find the packaging in convenience stores and super markets later this month.

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