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Kingdom Hearts 3D is Next -- Tetsuya Nomura

Producer outlines upcoming Kingdom Hearts series plans in Famitsu interview.

Perhaps we'll start hearing about Kingdom Heart 3D once Re:Coded sees release next month.

The Kingdom Hearts family grew by one at the Tokyo Game Show as Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. So what does Square Enix's KH series road map look like post TGS? Tetsuya Nomura provided the answer to this question in a short interview in this week's Famitsu.

Nomura first detailed some of the changes players can expect for Final Mix. Final Mix serves as the reverse Japanese localization of the US version of Birth by Sleep, so most of the features he discussed with Famitsu will be familiar to overseas players.

A battle with a boss who wears a black coat is the biggest change from the original Japanese version, said Nomura. While the boss's true form is not revealed, it ties in with future developments.

Other changes that will be new to players of the original Japanese version include the inclusion of a Critical Mode difficulty setting, which is tougher than Proud Mode, the switch from low polygon to high polygon models for young Sora and friends, and access to the Secret Movie from beginner mode.

New just for the Japanese version is a brand new Secret Movie. Nomura did not provide details.

On Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, which is due for release next month, Nomura discussed the avatar parts system and tag mode systems. The game has some 800 parts for your avatars, some rare. If a player has his avatar equipped with rare parts and you engage in tag mode exchanges with him, you'll get the rare parts for yourself, so getting such parts may not be as tough as it seems.

Re:Coded inherits a number of elements from Birth By Sleep, including a trophy system. In Re:Coded, you'll find some 30 trophies, and it seems that you'll have to get at least 20 of these in order to view a Secret Movie. It's just a short single event, said Nomura, but you'll find some important conversations in there.

Closing off the interview's section on Kingdom Hearts (before sharing a few bits about the Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference), Famitsu said that those who play Re:Coded will likely be wondering about the next title. Replied Nomura, "Next is Kingdom Hearts 3D. The time frame for 3D is after Re:Coded."

Kingdom Hearts 3D is the 3DS entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. The name is still tentative.

The Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix team is switching over to Kingdom Hearts 3D as they finish their work on Final Mix. Said Nomura, "Development has already started in Osaka. As the Final Mix team finishes their work, they're joining the staff in turn. We'd like to announce it as soon as possible."

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