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Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Set for Spring

Tetsuya Nomura hints at additional download content beyond Square Enix's forbidden PSP crossovers.

Outside of these few additional details, Famitsu has what looks like official main image art for Dissidia. As expected, Lightning gets a front position in the artwork.

Famitsu has a tiny update on Dissidia Final Fantasy this week. The entirely of the single page article is actually just about the collaborative Aya Brea and Cloud costumes that were announced at the Tokyo Game Show, but there are a few additional bits of info in there that are worth passing along.

As detailed at TGS, you'll unlock the Aya Brea and Cloud costumes in Dissidia by purchasing, respectively, The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. The required download codes are included exclusively in the first print run versions of the games.

The Cloud costume makes the Dissidia Cloud character look like the more colorful Kingdom Hearts version of Cloud. The Aya costume makes Dissidia's Lightning dress up like The 3rd Birthday's Aya Brea.

Square Enix shared screens of the collaborations at TGS:

Tetsuya Nomura shared some comments with Famitsu on the collaboration. "The Aya costume is a collaboration that was realized because production on Dissidia and The 3rd Birthday were running in parallel, and the development teams are in the same group. The Final Mix costume has the same reason. Also, the release dates were near, so we decided to link them."

Nomura also provided a hint at more downloads to come. "This time, Dissidia is full of these types of download elements, so look forward to a followup report."

Outside of the download content info, the magazine lists a Spring 2011 time frame for Dissidia, a bit more specific than the previous 2011 time frame.

Also, in case you were getting any strange ideas, the magazine's information box on the game lists "ad-hoc" for the game's wireless play mode.

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