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First Look: Xbox 360 Students of Round

Experience brings over its PC dungeon RPG.


Experience shared today screens and details for Students of Round, the upcoming Xbox 360 port of a like-named dungeon RPG that was released to PC in April of this year.

Students of Round is set in a fantasy world of elves, dwarves and demons. You Play as an instructor working to raise your students into the Knights of the Round Table, capable of defeating the demon king.

You can select from six visual types for your in-game persona and even set your own name. You'll be leading your students through dungeons set in forests and deserts, building up bonds with them along the way.

Your in-game character.
A few of the game's characters.
Demons. The game has monster designs from Youko Tsukamoto of Lord of Vermilion fame.

The Xbox 360 version adds a number of new features, including new dungeons, new items, new monsters, new music and new event visuals. Some visuals that were cut from the PC version before its final release are being restored for Xbox 360 players.

New Xbox 360 visuals.

Students of Round will see Xbox 360 release in February at an undisclosed price. Experience has opened a teaser site for the game with Twitter wallpapers and materials for making your very own fan site.

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