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No PC Super Street Fighter IV Due to Piracy

Producer Yoshinori Ono rules out a PC release unless powerful protection methods can be found.

Yun & Yang get ready for their arcade debut. Capcom shared first official media earlier today.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is due to hit game centers this December. A quick look at our multiplatform score card and... that's right, all that's missing is the PC version.

It doesn't look like this is going to be happening. In a 4gamer interview today, series producer Yoshinori Ono said that, due to high piracy with the PC version of the original Street Fighter IV, there are currently no plans for a PC version of Super.

The PC version of the original was actually a strong seller worldwide, said Ono. However, it was also "number one in piracy."

Ono actually managed to look on the bright side of the piracy issue, saying that at least the game saw wider spread because of it. However, for the sake of protecting the Street Fighter IV IP, they cannot make it so that Street Fighter is considered "free" in certain areas.

Ono didn't totally rule out a PC release. If they were to find some sort of powerful copy protection solution, the PC version's status could change, he said. He explained that the arcade version already runs on Taito's DirectX-based Type X2 arcade board, so a PC version is already 99% ready.

He did, however, rule out the possibility of a Steam-only release, saying that it would be unfair to those who are unable to buy via Steam.

Prior to the Yun & Yang announcement, Capcom teased the two characters with images of skateboards and rollerblades.
Yun & Yang and the arcade version of Super will hit game centers in December.

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